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Growth Flag can be used by both public and private sector organisations who want to gain an in-depth understanding of where growth is taking place across the UK.

One of the great things about Growth Flag is it often reveals that growth is happening in sectors or locations that you might not have considered or expected – so you can invest wisely.

How can I use Growth Flag?  

Enable an in-depth understanding of places and businesses

The tool identifies growing companies across all sectors of the economy and is the ideal platform for decision-makers to help foster innovation in their local economy. The score is also based on a set of evidenced drivers for business growth, not simply that they have just received private equity investment.

Create a vision and strategy 

Growth Flag provides a unique tool to underpin a clear vision and development of strategic plans for a place. It helps you identify growth opportunities relative local to business growth potential according to several areas of interest – such as size, sector and age whether of business – and enables comparisons across multiple localities.  

Effectively identify growth opportunities and target businesses  

Growth Flag provides a sound basis for your business development strategy whether you are public sector, a college or university, or B2B sales. It enables you to implement effective marketing tactics and deliver targeted sales campaigns, so you can reach new potential customers at the right time.

Integrate Growth Flag with your existing systems  

More than just a database, Growth Flag enables you to leverage data analytics on the growth potential of UK businesses. Data is regularly updated and can be consumed via the Growth Flag application as well as potentially integrate with your business database via an API. Using an API with our data will help you optimise operations and streamline processes, in turn making you a more efficient organisation with a competitive advantage.

Maximise ROI 

It offers data, analysis and company information that helps prioritise business support delivery and increase revenue. Scarce resources can be allocated where growth potential is greatest that enables a greater return on investment. Growth Flag gives you the ability to help businesses increase revenue, expand market share, and enhance productivity.

Public Sector

Public sector organisations such as Local and Combined Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), as well as colleges and universities can use the platform to understand their local economy and support sectors that have the highest growth potential. 

Private Sector

Businesses can use Growth Flag to understand emerging markets and target relevant sales and marketing activity, or to offer tailored solutions based on where clusters of businesses are on their growth journey.  Growth Flag can help private sector companies to enhance productivity and profitability.

Growth Flag is….

Cost-effective - Reducing the need to look across different business data sources and lists, giving you quick access to potential new clients.  

Futureproof - Growth Flag uses the very latest cloud technology to integrate with new systems and analytical tools, and allows users to quickly manipulate, export and share the most up-to-date business lists.​ 

Robust - With a methodology involving a ten-year time frame, 150 data attributes and bespoke algorithms, using robust principal component and multivariate analysis to provide individual company potential growth scores.   

Speedy – Providing quickly exportable key contact data for targeting and delivery. 

User-friendly – An easy-to-use online tool providing instant and easily understood analysis via tables, graphs or GIS interface, which can be shared instantly with delivery teams.

Co-created – Growth Flag has been created by the sector for the sector, with the needs of economic development at the forefront of all aspects of the design.