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Find new clients

Growth Flag provides a sound basis for your business development strategy if you work in B2B sales. It enables you to deliver targeted sales and marketing campaigns, so you can reach potential new customers based on where they are on their growth journey with bespoke products and solutions, while enhancing customer retention.  


Leverage data analytics to understand your local economy today and develop knowledge about future growth potential through in-depth analysis. 


Identify growth opportunities within specific sectors and geographies to make precise investment and maximise profits.  


Identify high-potential companies to implement effective marketing tactics, expand market share and increase sales. 

The tool is cost-effective, reducing the need to look across different business data sources and lists, giving you quick access to potential new clients to enhance competitive advantage and increase revenue.  

Growth Flag uses the very latest cloud technology to integrate with new systems and analytical tools, and allows users to quickly manipulate, export and share the most up-to-date business lists – while providing quickly exportable key contact data for rapid targeting and delivery.